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Ilona Torraca served 15 years in the US Air Force as a Financial ​Services Specialist. She has worked for the IRS, Traveler’s ​Insurance, Paragon Capital Management, Bank of New York, ​North Fork Bank, and Jackson Hewitt Tax Service. Ms. Torraca ​has an Associate’s in Financial Management from the US Air ​Force, a Bachelor's in Business Administration from Columbia ​College, Master's in Education from Dowling College and ​finishing her Ph.D. in Public Policy & Administration from Walden ​University. Ms. Torraca is a certified life coach specializing in ​family finance and budgeting with Transformational Academy.

Services Offered

  • create a pre-marital/wedding budget
  • create a family/couples budget to save for goals and ​dreams/budget maintenance
  • assist with personal financial goals and dreams
  • assist with couples and divorce finance conflicts (could ​save you from divorce)

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As an author of over 30 books I found Ms. Torraca's personal financial services to be highly exceptional. She worked diligently for months using my income and expense reports to save me almost $40,000. Ms. Torraca is a trustworthy person and her services were greatly appreciated.

F. Russell - Amagansett, NY

Ms. Torraca worked with me as a personal financial secretary for seven months in 2006 and demonstrated substantial and mature qualities. If her full time work location had allowed it she would still be in our part-time employ. Punctuality, mature ability to concentate on the work at hand yet personable and friendly: faithful in details of bills payment and record keeping, she also perceived larger issues where she assisted us. Her common sense was often useful in decision making. She was particilarly helpful in getting us started on financial and legal matters for "end-of'-life" issues. She is an exceptional worker, honest and trustworthy, thoughtful and diligent. R. Huston - Greenport, NY

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